Specialized Training

Specialized Training Courses

Jan 25-28

   DCJS Procedural Justice Instructor

Feb 14-17

    Radar/Lidar Operator

Feb 21

    DCJS Disability Awareness

Feb 22-23

    DCJS Use of Force Refresher

Feb 21-24

     Field Training Officer

Feb 25

     HIDTA Drug Identification

Mar 7-11

     PER-275 LASER Train-the-Trainer

Mar 9-11

     FBI Basic Photography

Mar 15-17

     Tactical Medic

Mar 21-25

     Breath Analysis Operator

April 8

     Firearms Instructor Course Pre-Qualification

April 11 - 22

     Firearms Instructor Course

Apr 13/April 27/May4/May11

     Electronic Investigations and Evidence 

April 13-14

     HIDTA Tactical Narcotic Debriefing

Apr 13-15

     FBI Crime Scene Photography

May 2-13

     Instructor Development Course

May 2-20

     Course in Police Supervision

May 18-20

     FBI Surveillance Photography

May 23-27

     Reality Based Trainer Instructor Course

Jun 1-3

     AWR-315 Fundamentals of Criminal Intelligence ***CANCELLED***

Jun 14-17

     Standardized Field Sobriety Instructor Course

Jun 16-17

     HIDTA Narcotics Operations Undercover Officer (Scenario Based)

July 19-21

     Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

Sep 12-13

    PER-335 Critical Decision Making for Complex Coordinated Attacks

Sep 12-15

     Physical Fitness Instructor Course ***CANCELLED***

Sep 16

     Instructor Evaluator Workshop

Sep 19-30

     Instructor Development Course

Sep 26


Sep 27

    Day 2 In-Service Make Up 

Oct 12

    Day 3 In-Service Make Up

Oct 11-15

     Physical Fitness Instructor Course (closed enrollment)

Oct 24-27

     Field Training Officer Course

Oct 25

    Day 2 In-Service Make Up

Oct 31-Nov 11

     Basic Criminal Investigator Course

Nov 9

    Day 3 In-Service Make Up 

Dec 5-16

     Defensive Tactics Instructor Course

Dec 6-8

     Breath Analysis Operator