Pre-Employment Phase Two Program









The next Phase 2 will be held

October 3, 2022 - October 27, 2022.


Individuals that have completed any certified New York State Division of Criminal Justice Service Pre-Employment Police Basic Training Program (Phase One) may return to complete Phase Two once they have been hired and sworn by any authorized police agency.


The academy portion of the Phase Two program takes about a month to complete and is generally held in conjunction with the Basic Course for Police Officers.  The New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services Phase Two curriculum includes Counter-terrorism Training, Firearms, Impact Weapons and Response to the Active Shooter.  The Rockland County Police and Public Safety Academy also includes the ALERRT Level One certification, a review of emergency medical procedures and CPR, as well as additional  state certifications in Patrol Rifle, Conducted Energy Device, Aerosol Subject Restraint, and Procedural Justice.

Recruits who successfully complete the academy portion of Phase Two must then successfully complete 160 hours of supervised field training at their home agency before their police certification is valid.  Supervised field training cannot begin until the recruit has completed the academy portion of Phase Two.

Training Officers that would like to reserve space are encouraged to notify the academy early.


The registration process requires the agency to complete a registration information packet, a physician's clearance form, a certification that a background investigation was completed, and ensuring the recruit has the proper equipment and uniforms.

- Scheduled Phase 2:       October 3, 2022 - October 28, 2022


- Anticipated Phase 2:       March 14, 2023 - April 1, 2023                                         



 Agency Training Officers: contact Basic School Coordinator here