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NYPD Conversion Course

Officers who were hired by the New York City Police Department after October 16, 2021 and have successfully completed the entire NYPD Training program (including both academy-based training and field training) are required to complete a Conversion Course to obtain a certification in the Basic Course for Police Officers.

The Conversion Course consists of a minimum of 97 hours of training on topics including Procedural Justice, Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Emergency Medical Response and Crash Management.

Officers who transfer from NYPD to another agency must arrange to complete this training within one year of the date of transfer.

Generally, the Rockland County Police and Public Safety Academy is in a position to offer the Conversion Course twice each year, spread over several months.

This change occurred with the passage of the Professional Policing Act of 2021 which repealed Executive Law 840(h) permitting exemptions from GML 209-q for some police.

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