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In-Service Training


2024 Training Dates 

In-Service Day A 

In-Service Day A #1

  January 8


In-Service Day A #2

   January 25

In-Service Day A #3

  February 22

In-Service Day A #4

  March 4

In-Service Day A #5

  March 11

In-Service Day A #6

  April 9

In-Service Day A #7

  May 13

In-Service Day A #8

  May 20

In-Service Day A #9

  June 3

In-Service Day A #10

  September 23

In-Service Day B

In-Service Day B #1

  January 12

In-Service Day B #2

  January 26

In-Service Day B #3

  February 15

In-Service Day B #4

  March 1

In-Service Day B #5

  March 8

In-Service Day B #6

  March 28

In-Service Day B #7

  April 4

In-Service Day B #8

  June 11

In-Service Day B #9

  October 15

In-Service Day B #10

  October 17

In-Service 2 Day LASER Class

In-Service 2 Day LASER Class #1

  February 13 - 14

In-Service 2 Day LASER Class #2

  February 26 - 27

In-Service 2 Day LASER Class #3

  March 13 - 14

In-Service 2 Day LASER Class #4

  April 29 - 30

In-Service 2 Day LASER Class #5

  May 6 - 7

In-Service 2 Day LASER Class #6

  June 4 - 5

In-Service 2 Day LASER Class #11 * newly added

  August 19 - 20

In-Service 2 Day LASER Class #7

  September 12 - 13

In-Service 2 Day LASER Class #8

  September 18 - 19

In-Service 2 Day LASER Class #12 * newly added

  September 25 - 26

In-Service 2 Day LASER Class #13 * newly added

  October 22 - 23

In-Service 2 Day LASER Class #9

  November 18 - 19

In-Service 2 Day LASER Class #10

  November 20 - 21

In-Service 2 Day LASER Class #14 * newly added

  November 13 - 14

Supervisors In-Service

Supervisors In-Service #1

  February 16

Supervisors In-Service #2

  March 22

Supervisors In-Service #3

  June 13

Supervisors In-Service #4

  September 27

Firearms In-Service

Firearms In-Service #2

  April 9

Firearms In-Service #3

  April 30

Firearms In-Service #4

  May 7

Executive Firearms In-Service

  May 14

Firearms In-Service #5

  May 28

Firearms In-Service #6

  June 4

Firearms In-Service #7

  July 23

Firearms In-Service #8

  August 20

Firearms In-Service #9

  September 3

Firearms In-Service #10

  September 24

Firearms In-Service #11

  October 1

Firearms In-Service #12

  November 5

Training Topics

In-Service Day A

Legal updates, use of force review, bloodborne pathogens, and mental health QPR Program.


QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer)

This training is the “CPR” of suicide prevention.


Topics Include:

  • Warning signs of suicidal risk

  • What to ask and how to respond

  • Interactive practice

  • Steps for referring someone to help

  • Local resources



In-Service Day B

Implicit Bias: reflects a new way of thinking about the issue of biased policing. It is based on the science of bias, which tells us that biased policing is not, as some contend, due to widespread racism in policing. In fact, science tells us that even well-intentioned humans (and thus, officers) manifest biases that can impact their perceptions and behavior. These biases can manifest below consciousness.

     The goal of this course is to engage police officers in critical thought and discussion about contemporary mechanisms of bias regarding race, gender, sexuality, and other identities within the context of law enforcement, centering on identity traps and drawing on the scholarship of implicit bias and self-threats. Identity traps allow us to foreground the importance of the situation in predicting outcomes, and to move away from the framing of the problem of race in policing as one of prejudice. We will also pay attention to the underlying historical elements of identity traps and the implications they have for officers lived realities. 

     During this training event, participants will learn the tenets, and gain a deeper understanding of the core concepts of Implicit Bias and build better relationships within the communities that they serve.

     In-Service 2 Day LASER




     Shooter Emergency Response Students will require their FEMA student identification number which can be located at Additional online registration with LSU for pre-testing is required prior to the first day of class. Terrorism involving active shooter attacks on population centers has become part of law enforcement officers’ awareness; however, increased awareness of a problem does not ensure preparedness or appropriate response tactics. This course addresses technical aspects of planning and implementing a rapid law enforcement deployment to an active shooter incident through classroom presentations, hands-on performance-based field training, and scenario-based practical exercises.

    Students will recieve an e-mail from RCPA@RCPIN.NET with the link to the LASER Pre-Test that must be completed prior to the class start date. Failure to do so will result in the officer not being able to complete the training.

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